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Not every social media follower will read your blog posts, and not every blog reader will download an eBook, white paper or case study. Those that do, however, are displaying high-intent behaviour. By submitting their contact details on a landing page, they are effectively raising their hand and saying, "Yes, I am interested in your product."

eBooks and white papers are the cornerstone of your mid-funnel content marketing strategy. They are long-form, research-intensive, data-rich assets that take a deep dive into a specific problem your target audience is trying to solve. Their purpose is to provide solutions to each problem in relation to your products, services and expertise.

Both eBooks and white papers are key tools for lead generation, embedded as downloadable assets into your website and promoted via blog posts and social media marketing campaigns. eBooks tend to be slightly shorter than white papers, combining engaging content with eye-catching graphic design to deliver maximum impact with a keen focus on insightful takeaways and industry data.

White papers, by contrast, are longer-form. They address a single topic which our writers will research thoroughly to produce a unique piece of high-authority content designed to boost your credibility and demonstrate thought leadership.

Case studies sit at the bottom of your sales funnel. Their function is to help on-the-fence buyers envision themselves as customers by providing real data and critical social proof of the value you deliver to existing clients. Done well, case studies are one of the most powerful tools in your content marketing arsenal, helping you nurture highly engaged prospects over the final sales line.

While case studies can be distributed freely on your website, best results are often achieved when they are gated with a landing page so you know precisely who's reading them and can pass the lead onto your sales team. They can also be distributed via email, either to specified contacts, or as part of a drip campaign.   

Be it eBook, white paper or case study, once the written content is complete, our in-house graphic designers will then format your asset to incorporate your logos, fonts, brand colour schemes and other design preferences into the finished product ready for campaign launch.  

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