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Complete content marketing -  from first clicks to conversions

Content Marketing

No time to craft great content? We do.

Our team of professional writers, graphic designers, strategists and distribution experts create content marketing campaigns that convert.

There's no silver bullet to content marketing. It requires a sound, well-researched strategy, a clear, well-documented plan, and an experienced team of content marketing professionals with the right skills and the right tools to execute that plan.

At markITwrite, we are proven experts in B2B content marketing strategies and tactics. Every customer journey has a beginning, middle and end. We develop bespoke content strategies on a client-by-client basis to drive visitors to your website, convert those visitors into leads, those leads into customers, and those customers into brand advocates.

From the top of the funnel through to the bottom, our industry-leading content marketing services are designed to get you the results you want, need, and deserve.

Website Copy

The quality of your website copy matters. Even the most beautiful, elegantly-designed website can be ruined by bland or ineffective copy, while grammatical errors and spelling mistakes destroy all sense of professionalism in an instant. 

Your website is your online shop window. It's where first impressions are made, where the "tone" or "voice" of your brand or company is established, and ultimately where potential customers are won and lost. Strong web copy must differentiate your brand, demonstrate industry expertise, outline the details and specific benefits of your products and services, and communicate your unique value propositions succinctly - all while incorporating SEO best practices to ensure your website ranks highly in search.

Our team of professional copywriters are well-versed in search engine optimisation. With years of experience behind them, they possess the content writing skills to craft instantly engaging copy that resonates with your target audience and foregrounds what separates your business from the competition.

In addition, our diverse client list means we have experience working with businesses across industries - including technology, finance, logistics, healthcare, events, law, ecommerce, entertainment and more. As a result, no matter your subject matter, our team of highly-experienced copywriters will deliver your message competently and persuasively.

Social Media Marketing

Even in the B2B realm, social media networks often serve as one of the first entry points into your sales funnel. Business leaders and decision-makers are present on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - and they all take their work home with them.

Social media campaigns serve to ensure your business is discoverable on these platforms in the first instance, and then to draw key buyers to your website, build relationships with followers, encourage audience engagement, and foster lead generation.

Our social media strategists work hand-in-hand with you to build engaging social media marketing campaigns designed to grow your audience, funnel prospects towards your key marketing assets, and establish your presence and authority in your niche.

We provide numerous social media marketing packages which are all delivered on a bespoke basis and tailored to your precise requirements. Your dedicated social media manager will work to:

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy designed specifically to meet your objectives
  • Increase followers
  • Drive traffic to your website, blog, and other key marketing assets
  • Schedule and post to your target platforms on a regular basis
  • Participate in online conversations to increase your presence
  • Identify and build relationships with industry influencers
  • Answer questions from followers, and build rapport with your customers and prospects

Your account manager will provide you with monthly metrics reports clearly detailing audience growth and engagement, as well as the steps we will take to further improve these metrics going into the new month ahead.

Blog Content

Regular blog posts and thought leadership articles are critical to both brand positioning and lead generation. While your website copy details your products and services, your blog is where you build connections with your prospects and customers, answer their questions and solve their pain points.

Your blog is the human angle of your business. It is a constantly evolving collection of articles that showcase your expertise as you explore your target audience's concerns and develop your voice as a trusted thought leader and problem-solver in your industry.

Well-written, keyword-optimised blog posts also help your search rankings. The more you get featured in search engine results, the more brand exposure you receive and the more traffic you get to your website.

Blog posts sit near the top of your sales funnel, but they support strategies both up and down it. Upstream, your blog informs your social media strategy. You promote your blog on social media, enriching your followers' experience of your brand with thought-provoking articles, how-to posts, listicles, and other content. Downstream, your blog posts serve to entice high-intent readers to learn more about your solutions and services by downloading your gated content, such as eBooks and white papers.

Our blog writing services begin with a consultation with your internal teams so we can learn more about your product, industry and target audience. We then conduct competitive analyses, social listening and keyword research to discover what topics need to be covered to capture web traffic, engage your audience and answer their questions.

At the heart of it all is high-quality, zero-fluff writing. We build campaigns centred around establishing your credibility and professionalism. Our professional writers craft high-quality, compelling blog posts based on the latest industry research and data, all while reflecting your brand's unique personality and message.

eBooks, White Papers & Case Studies

Not every social media follower will read your blog posts, and not every blog reader will download an eBook, white paper or case study. Those that do, however, are displaying high-intent behaviour. By submitting their contact details on a landing page, they are effectively raising their hand and saying, "Yes, I am interested in your product."

eBooks and white papers are the cornerstone of your mid-funnel content marketing strategy. They are long-form, research-intensive, data-rich assets that take a deep dive into a specific problem your target audience is trying to solve. Their purpose is to provide solutions to each problem in relation to your products, services and expertise.

Both eBooks and white papers are key tools for lead generation, embedded as downloadable assets into your website and promoted via blog posts and social media marketing campaigns. eBooks tend to be slightly shorter than white papers, combining engaging content with eye-catching graphic design to deliver maximum impact with a keen focus on insightful takeaways and industry data.

White papers, by contrast, are longer-form. They address a single topic which our writers will research thoroughly to produce a unique piece of high-authority content designed to boost your credibility and demonstrate thought leadership.

Case studies sit at the bottom of your sales funnel. Their function is to help on-the-fence buyers envision themselves as customers by providing real data and critical social proof of the value you deliver to existing clients. Done well, case studies are one of the most powerful tools in your content marketing arsenal, helping you nurture highly engaged prospects over the final sales line.

While case studies can be distributed freely on your website, best results are often achieved when they are gated with a landing page so you know precisely who's reading them and can pass the lead onto your sales team. They can also be distributed via email, either to specified contacts, or as part of a drip campaign.   

Be it eBook, white paper or case study, once the written content is complete, our in-house graphic designers will then format your asset to incorporate your logos, fonts, brand colour schemes and other design preferences into the finished product ready for campaign launch.  

Infographics and Graphic Design

Content marketing goes beyond the written word. Pairing text with graphics increases the retainment of information, which can be crucial when you need to convey a hard-hitting message quickly to a broad scope of audience members.

Infographics put complex and often chaotic information in order. They may centre on industry data, market trends, future predictions, evolutionary timelines, practical solutions or step-by-step instructions. No matter the message, if you need people to remember the important steps or statistics, infographics present that data beautifully and memorably.

Like eBooks and white papers, infographics can be gated with a landing page so you can capture contact information, or can be distributed freely either on your blog page or via email. Either way, infographics help you break up your text-based content marketing efforts with highly-visual assets, setting your brand apart from the competition and projecting the creative side of your company.

Aside from standalone infographics, custom illustrations and other high-quality visuals are hugely important for emphasising your brand identity and capturing audience attention across all your channels and content marketing. Low-quality, overused and impersonal stock imagery is a huge turn-off for online audiences, and negatively impacts how readers react and respond to your content.

Content marketing powered by eye-catching, original design illustrated by skilled professionals brings authenticity and professionalism to your brand, ensuring your content shines out against the dull, clichéd monotony of all the other fluff that's out there.

From featured images on blog posts to email templates, CTAs, landing pages, thumbnails and logos, our talented in-house graphic design team will work in conjunction with you to develop design strategies that resonate with your target audience, and then set to work creating beautiful, powerful, and truly unique artwork for your business.   


Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective B2B content marketing strategies for generating leads and nurturing prospective buyers through the sales funnel. By communicating directly with your contacts, you have a unique opportunity to build lasting relationships, deliver highly-targeted, fully-personalised content to the right people at the right time, and encourage commercial action.    

Email plays a powerful role at every stage of the buyer's journey - from the consideration phase where prospects are researching your products and pitting your offering against competitors, through to the purchase stage and onto post-purchase customer retention.

Our content marketing services are designed from the ground up to help you capture contact information and build your email lists. Our strategists then leverage industry-leading email marketing software to segment those lists based on key factors such as job title, demographics, location, website activity, download history and purchase history.

From here, drip email campaigns are put into action to deliver targeted, personalised content to each prospect or customer, with each message designed to keep your contacts interested in your brand offerings. Automatic email replies are sent out to welcome or thank contacts at each stage, with all open rates, click-through rates and successful conversions accurately recorded.

At markITwrite, we help you get more out of your email marketing. Our strategists work with you to understand your target audiences, define what content to send to which contacts, and design and manage your campaigns from start to finish. Our professional writers craft the written content, including compelling subject lines and full body text, and our graphic design team build the templates to include rich media and strong, expertly-placed CTA buttons.   

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