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How to Write Killer Content for Your Tech Company

Writing content isn’t easy. Lots of aspiring writers – this author included – began their careers under the illusion transcribing their thoughts into the written word was a relatively simple thing to achieve.

However, ask any writer who has been practicing their craft for any length of time and they’ll likely tell you they look back on the pieces they wrote when first starting out and cringe.

This is even more true when writing for a niche, such as technology. A specialist writer not only must possess all the skills an author usually requires, but a lot more besides.

There is more content being created for digital consumption today than ever before, and there are thousands of articles, blogs, white papers and eBooks being added to the pile all the time. How then can tech companies make sure the content they produce stands out from the maelstrom?

Be Passionate

There’s no point in any writer painting themselves into a corner, creating content on a topic they can’t get passionate about. They’ll soon run out of steam and find the whole process a chore. While it’s probably safe to assume someone running or working for a tech company has at least a passing interest in technology, the field is not a small one.

A tech company owner’s true passion may lie in mobile devices, for example. However, the reality of business may mean they also have to sell cameras and other gadgets. It’s just as important to write content to promote all the products they stock, so they must write some articles about photography.

The trick is to try and get into the mindset of someone who is passionate about cameras and write from their perspective. Remembering which feelings are conjured up when writing about their favourite topics and trying to resurrect them when writing about other subjects will help writers communicate passion in an authentic manner.

If an author is creating content on a topic they are unable to get passionate about, it will come across in their writing and make their work a chore to read.

Be Knowledgeable

The world of technology is a rapidly changing landscape and it can be difficult to keep up. How many people have bought a new phone or other piece of tech, only to find it superseded by the time they’ve got home with it?

Just think how quickly something like video game technology has evolved from titles such as Pac Man and Donkey Kong, to the lavishly rendered experiences which are played today. 

(Image source: wired.com)

This means, any technology writer worth their salt must be constantly reading and researching their subject and making sure they are up-to-date with all the latest news and developments.

As with any niche, technology has a passionate and well-informed audience, which expects the people creating content for their consumption to be able to educate them and tell them something they don’t already know.

On top of this, they will be passionate and vocal on the subject themselves, and will often be more than happy to inform unprepared authors of any errors. Therefore, it is crucial when writing technology content – as with any niche – to make sure diligent and up-to-date research is carried out ahead of putting pen to paper.


Be Competent

Grammar and syntax are crucial when writing – especially when on a specialist subject such as technology. When writing content to promote a tech company, it is so important to come across as competent.

If the aim is to be taken seriously as a thought leader in the field, it just isn’t going to happen if the author doesn’t know “your” from “you’re,” or how to construct a coherent sentence.

Taking a writing class will be the simplest and cheapest way to get some professional input on how to create well-written content. Speak to local colleges, or look at one of the many educational organisations operating online. Many courses are free, so it’s worth shopping around.

Other than education, it’s down to practice. As with any skill, the only way to get better at writing is to keep doing it. Proofread everything – out loud if possible. By speaking the words, it’ll be more evident whether the sentences sound as they should.

All authors can suffer from editorial blindness when reading their own work, so passing it to a friend or colleague to look over can be a great way to spot any lingering mistakes.

Be Professional

Not everyone can write. Someone may be an expert in their field, but simply lack the ability to write in a way which is enjoyable for the reader – or for themselves.

You should try it for yourself, but if you wish to let a company with years of experience writing for niche markets – and specialising in technology – create superb content on your behalf, markITwrite can help. Get in touch today. SaveSave

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